Hybris Intellij IDEA plugin becomes paid

A few days ago, the well known Hybris Integration plugin for Intellij IDEA changed from an open source project to a paid plugin. This caused outcry from the community, mainly because of the suddenness of the change and the price being forced upon them. The previously available source code was removed from public view and … Continue reading Hybris Intellij IDEA plugin becomes paid

Endpoints in the Hybris platform web services

The Hybris platform automatically generates web service endpoints for various models. In this post, some commonly used endpoints are listed. For more information on endpoints, such as how to customize them, consult the Hybris Platform Web Services section of the platform documentation, or send me a message. The endpoints can be found under the URL … Continue reading Endpoints in the Hybris platform web services

The Hybris FlexibleSearch API

When fetching data from the database in a Hybris application, developers often use FlexibleSearch queries, executed through the FlexibleSearch API. This API allows developers various advantages: automatic translation of the database results into Hybris models conversion of Hybris models, enums... into query parameters prevention of SQL injection attacks ... It is recommended to use this API … Continue reading The Hybris FlexibleSearch API

How to detect high CPU threads and terminate them in Hybris

The following method can be used to pinpoint threads that are using a lot of CPU in an Hybris server. By following these steps, it is possible to find the cause of the increased CPU usage. Furthermore, a script is included that can be used to take immediate action against the high CPU usage. Terminology … Continue reading How to detect high CPU threads and terminate them in Hybris

Hybris Commerce Development Overview


Keeping the development tradition alive, the purpose of this hello-world style article is to provide an overview of the hybris commerce development platform. The intended audience for this article are hybris developers. I will introduce some of the basic concepts and ideas that are integral to the hybris commerce development. While there is not much code in this article, it is fairly technical. It is not a how-to article (plenty of those on the wiki), but rather a best practices discussion and hybris commerce development lay of the land. I expect you have some level of familiarity with the hybris commerce development platform. Or if you have perhaps completed the core certification (or trails) and are looking to gain a better understanding of the commerce aspect of the hybris platform, then this article may benefit you. If you are a complete newbie to hybris, this might get a bit bumpy. I would recommend perhaps…

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